The expected feature is coming to Instagram: Repost – Breaking News

While Meta-owned Instagram hasn’t released the repost feature publicly yet, it plans to start testing it with select users soon.

“Similar to how you can reshare in Stories, we’re exploring the ability to reshare posts in the Feed so people can share what resonates with them so that the original creators are credited for their work,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement.


There is currently no direct way to reshare another user’s post on Instagram, but users who want to reshare posts sometimes use third-party apps to do so.

Adding the resharing feature will get rid of the need for a workaround when it comes to resharing posts.

While you can share someone’s post to your story, this upcoming repost functionality will allow you to share the post in your feed.

Instagram knows that most of its users already use the Story sharing feature and also use DMs to share posts with their friends, and now it is trying to give users a better way to share the posts they like widely.

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