They’re on the verge of bankruptcy: We’ve become the new Greece

De Wever, the opposition politician, made statements on the economic situation of the country and the current energy crisis in the program that Belika participated in the VRT television channel.

“This country has gone bankrupt. Look at the debts, the public expenditures and the budget. We have become the new Greece.” De Wever said that Belgium has become economically worse than the Southern European countries.


Pointing out that the Russian State Minister Vladimir Putin was not responsible for the current crisis, De Wever said that the European policies that put an end to their own energy production were responsible.

De Wever drew attention to the fact that the people in the USA are not as poor as in Europe and reminded that the USA exports oil and gas today.

Emphasizing that if all companies go to the USA and China for production, climate standards and criteria will not matter, De Wever said that people are starting to lose their belief in green transformation.

De Wever stated that oil, natural gas and coal investments were not allowed until the last period of Europe’s energy crisis and said, “There is not a single liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Germany. Germany and Belgium, which are the stupidest countries, gave up nuclear energy. All of them. We have made ourselves dependent on Putin, pushing aside energy sources.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that Belgium can make great profits from nuclear power plants, De Wever said that the public has begun to realize this.

De Wever pointed out that the current energy market of the EU provides very high profits to renewable energy producers and said that this structure should be changed and a ceiling price should be applied to the producers.

Following the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, Belika decided to extend the operating life of the Doel 4 and Tihange 3 reactors, which it had planned to shut down before, by 10 years in order to avoid energy supply shortages.

Belgium is among the countries where the ratio of public debt to GDP is the highest among EU countries. The country’s total public debt amounts to 107.9 percent of its national income.

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