They made a statement: Meat-eating men should not have sex

The animal rights organization PETA, which has made a name for itself with its naked actions, became the agenda with its statement stating that meat-eating men should be banned from having sex.

In the statement made by the non-profit organization, “Eating foods such as sausage and schnitzel is a result of ‘toxic masculinity’ and is killing our world” expressions were used.

PETA Germany cited research in the journal Plos One that found that men are responsible for 41 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than women, mainly due to their higher meat consumption. The animal rights organization called on women to “go on a sex strike to save the world,” while demanding a “sex ban for all meat-eating men.”


“There is now scientific evidence that toxic masculinity also harms the climate,” the group said in a statement. Therefore, a high meat tax of 41 percent for men would be appropriate. The prohibition of sex or reproduction for all meat-eating men will also be important in this context.” expressions were used.

According to the spokesperson, the organization referred to statements by the leading French Greens MP Sandrine Rousseau describing grilling in the open air last month as “a ritual that reeks of masculinity, male meat eating and power over women”. These statements of Sandrine Rousseau were discussed in the country for a long time.


“If you want to solve the climate crisis, you must reduce meat consumption, and this will not happen as long as manhood is built on meat,” PETA Germany said in a statement.

The United Nations has previously said that raising livestock accounts for 14 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions and has urged governments to encourage people to eat less meat.

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