Euros, not TL, filled the empty market cart

According to the news of Milli Gazete, the last video of Aytaç Arslan, who is known for his social media videos and has more than 500 thousand followers, attracted great attention.

A video showing what a minimum wage worker can buy from the market for 10 Euros for an hour in Germany has gone viral on social media.

Aytaç Arslan, who entered the market with 10 Euros in a country with an hourly minimum wage of 12 Euros, bought many products.

Among the products Arslan bought from the market for 10 Euros were bananas, 8 eggs, chocolate pudding, french fries, chicken wings, potato chips, hazelnut chocolate and jelly.


Aytac Arslan video “10 Euro grocery shopping in Germany (minimum hourly salary in Germany is 12 Euro)” shared with.

A citizen stating that the purchasing power is very low in Turkey “The minimum wage in our country is 5 thousand 500 TL. Assuming that a worker takes a vacation for one week, he works 26 days. When we divide 5 thousand 500 TL into 26 days, a worker’s daily earnings are approximately 212 TL. An hourly earnings of a worker who works 8 hours is 26.5 TL. “It is impossible for us to buy a few of them, let alone all of them, from the market for 26.5 TL. Here is the situation where the Turkish people were dropped. What will Germany be jealous of us?” said.