There’s no point in buying Twitter if there’s going to be World War 3

Musk: If World War 3 is going to break out…

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musksocial media company twitterWhile the repercussions of the termination of the $44 billion agreement to buy . Turns out he used the phrase.



According to the news in Business Insider, Musk’s messages appeared at the hearing on September 6.

According to the news, Musk sent a message to a banker at Morgan Stanley, one of the financiers of the deal to buy Twitter, on May 8; He said that they should not rush, they should wait for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s May 9 Victory Day speech.



Twitter’s lawyer said that Musk used the following statements: “Let’s slow down for a few days. Putin’s speech tomorrow is really important. If we’re getting into World War 3, it doesn’t make sense to buy Twitter.”

Musk’s lawyer, on the other hand, said that presenting the messages to the court in this context is complete nonsense, and that this cannot be understood as such when looking at all of the speeches.

*The image of the news was served by AA.

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