The USA has increased interest rates and lowered the oil price! Let’s see if it lowers the price of natural gas with the same method.

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganIn its today’s headline, the Resolution Newspaper, which is close to Ahmet Davutoğlu, targeting the ‘s interest rate decision, “Fed’s move reduced the oil price! They lowered it with the interest weapon” used the title.

In the newspaper report, “While the ‘interest reason’ theory, which is followed in the opposite direction of the world, put the Turkish economy in a ‘high inflation, high exchange rate’ spiral, the West’s move, which sees interest as an ‘instrument to be used when necessary’ in economic management, has yielded results. He made the following claim, stating: Oil prices fell after the Fed’s rate hike.

Let’s see if they download natural gas with the same method!

Decision Newspaper, which claims that oil prices have decreased with the decision of the US Federal Reserve to increase the interest rate, reported on its news. “interest” He continued with his tone:

Despite the criticism of the experts for the methods followed for a long time in the economy management, the policies followed both exploded the inflation and the exchange rate. While the world was raising interest rates, the Central Bank took a step in the opposite direction, and there were comments from the wing of the government that “Time will tell who is right”. President Erdoğan said, “No one talks about the approach of keeping inflation under control by increasing interest rates anymore.”

However, the situation after the US Federal Reserve’s (FED) decision to increase interest rates revealed the opposite development. With the move of the FED, oil prices fell even below the pre-war level despite the war. Steel prices, which were 1,950 dollars last year, decreased to 1,340 dollars. The same was true for copper. The resulting table led to comments that ‘The criterion for interest should be to use it as a weapon when necessary’.