Erdogan: We must reduce our interest rate to single digits by the end of the year

President Tayyip Erdogan, “We must reduce our interest rate to single digits by the end of the year” said.

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Speaking on the joint broadcast of Kanal D-CNN Türk, the highlights of Erdoğan’s statements are as follows:

* (In Ukraine, in Russian-controlled areas) The referendum event brings trouble. I wish there had been no referendum, but we could have solved them through diplomacy.

* (Referendum) Mr. Zelenski wants us to support Putin in the four regions. I plan to discuss these issues in detail with Mr. Putin tomorrow.

* If Kılıçdaroğlu needs a guarantee, let him apply to TOKİ. Everyone is very happy in TOKİ residences.

* We distributed housing in Esenler, I went to a house. I drank their tea. We saw their happiness. A 3+1 residence. Kemal Bey, be honest, politics is honesty.

* (Criticism that the social housing project is an election investment) He speaks with his mouth.

* I’m not calling for savings. Saving is always beneficial. We will not have a natural gas shortage.

* The US interest rate hike is not serious. It’s a small rate.

* We should reduce our interest rate to single digits by the end of the year.

* The price of the toilet was 1.5 million at that time. We dropped six zeros and our money gained value. Again, our money will gain value when the interest is lowered.

* This place is so important, so important. The name of this model is ‘Turkish Economy Model.’

* (To Abdulkadir Selvi on the words ‘The opposition’s criticism about health has ceased’) You will do what is necessary from your corner.

* (Are you going to change the cabinet?) Maybe, you don’t know. If something extraordinary happens, such a step can be taken. We are a party open to change without compromising our identity and values.

* I am always ready to say goodbye at any time.

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