The Ukrainian army was defeated in the direction of Mykolaiv and Krivorijskiy

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov made statements about the actions of the Russian army in the war in Ukraine.

Pointing out that the Ukrainian army carried out attacks in Mykolayiv, Krivorijskiy and other directions on the orders of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Konashenkov said, “The Ukrainian forces were defeated in these directions and suffered large-scale losses. With the effective actions of the Russian troops, 48 ​​tanks, 46 infantry fights in the last 24 hours. vehicles, 37 armored vehicles, 8 heavy machine gun trucks and more than 1200 Ukrainian soldiers were destroyed. he said.

Claiming that the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered losses in these directions, Konashenkov stated that 5 soldiers belonging to this unit were captured.


Konashenkov stated that the headquarters and ammunition depot of the 1st Tank Brigade of the Ukrainian army were temporarily deployed in the Dnipro region, and that the ammunition depot was hit with high-precision weapons, adding, “As a result of the attack, more than 200 militants, including 40 foreign mercenary fighters, were neutralized, over 20 armored vehicles and many more. A large number of artillery missiles were destroyed.” gave the information.

Claiming that more than 100 soldiers were neutralized in the Donetsk region and 7 military vehicles were destroyed, Konashenkov said, “In the city of Kriviy Rig in the Dnipro region, the facilities where explosives and other products were produced for the Ukrainian troops at the ‘Intervzrivprom’ factory were destroyed with high-precision weapons.” said.


Noting that 5 management centers and 3 ammunition depots belonging to the Ukrainian army were destroyed in the last 24 hours, Konashenkov stated that 2 “Su-25” type warplanes and 5 unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force were shot down.

Konashenkov said that since the beginning of the war, 278 aircraft, 148 helicopters, 1837 unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as 370 air defense missile systems, 4 thousand 539 tanks and armored vehicles, 822 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 3 thousand 357 howitzers and mortars, 5 thousand in Ukraine. He noted that 136 private military vehicles were destroyed.


Noting that the Kyiv administration “continues to carry out provocative actions against the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant with the aim of creating a disaster,” Konashenkov said that 4 unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian army were shot down at the plant yesterday.

In addition, Konashenkov stated that 2 missiles were launched against the power plant in the last 24 hours and stated that the radiation in the region where the power plant is located is at normal levels.

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