The decision that drove users crazy from YouTube! 5 ads in a row

YouTube, one of the largest content platforms in the world, has transformed into another world with the success it has achieved in recent years. The platform, which is a big income source for content producers, has also grown its income by multiplying. However, the company has been using some unsavory ways to direct its users to the paid subscription service lately.

YouTube Premium non-subscribers will watch 5 ads per video

Like many content platforms, YouTube is increasing its investments in the paid subscription system. The platform, which also serves in the free tier, gives its users the message of becoming a YouTube Premium subscriber with its deterrent policies.

YouTube Premium

YouTube initially used 1 ad that did not exceed 5 seconds in its non-Premium subscriptions. However, in the latest situation, the platform can place 2 ads that last 10 seconds. According to the news, the company is now increasing the size of the business even more. The platform has started the necessary test studies to show 5 ads in a row to its users who receive free subscription service.

House of the Dragon is coming to YouTube!

House of the Dragon is coming to YouTube!

The first episode of House of the Dragon was released on YouTube. Surprisingly, the first episode was shared on the same day as the Lord of the Rings series.

This policy of YouTube, as expected, received a great reaction from its free users. While the reactions to the 5 non-skippable commercials in a row are increasing Team YouTube He published a statement on the subject on Twitter and implied that nothing had changed.

YouTube Premium

According to the description of the Team YouTube account, YouTube ads vary between 5 and 30 seconds in normal order. In 5 ad policies in a row, each ad will be 6 seconds long. Thus, the time spent by the user in the advertising section will remain the same. Of course, this explanation did not satisfy free users. The feature, which has been tested on some users for now, is expected to be in all versions soon.

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