Domestic motorcycle message from Minister Varank

The 1st Turkey Motorcycle Workshop was organized by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MOTED) in İstinye.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, AK Party Deputy Kenan Sofuoğlu attended the workshop.

Making a speech here, Minister Varank said, “There is a growing electric mobility sector. It has had important reflections on motorcycles as it has on automobiles, and it will continue to do so.”

Saying that Turkey may have lagged behind in traditional motorcycle production, Varank said, “We have the opportunity to seize the window of opportunity in front of us regarding electric motorcycles. We are in constant communication with stakeholders to move forward effectively.”


Stating that they accepted a company’s electric mobility vehicle development project within the scope of the ‘Movement Program’, Minister Mustafa Varank said:

“Here, the goal is to produce a balanced, safe, environmentally friendly electric mobility vehicle with longer maintenance intervals, lower cost, close to automobile comfort but close to motorcycle flexibility for urban transportation. Prototypes are ready, only if this project is successful, the added value will be provided within 5 years. It will be over 4.5 billion liras.”

Domestic motorcycle message from Minister Varank - 1


Pointing out that it is necessary to bring large-scale investments and global brands to the country in this period, Varank said, “I am giving a blank check from this rostrum. Whatever incentive and support we can give as our Ministry, as long as these companies come here, we are ready to support them.”


Varank said that they wanted to share a good news with the participants and continued as follows:

“We will implement the Supplier Development Digital Platform Project at the beginning of the year. At the moment, it is through us to identify the products that large enterprises in the automotive sector need to localize and to match the SMEs that will produce these products. With the Digital Supplier Platform Project, large enterprises and SMEs can be found on this platform. They will come together. Just as we invested in the right technology at the right time with TOGG in the automotive industry, it can do the same in the motorcycle industry.”

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