“The border between criticism and protest and turmoil and chaos must be determined”

Statement from the Chieftain in Iran under the shadow of protests

Regarding the demonstrations that started after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, which led to the death of dozens of people in the country, Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi said, “The border between criticism and protest and turmoil and chaos must be determined. Mayhem and chaos are unacceptable anywhere in the world.” said.

In the program broadcast live on Iranian state television, the chief evaluated the protest wave that affected the country for 12 days after Mahsa Amini’s death and the criticisms against the Irshad patrol known as the “morality police”.

Stating that Mahsa Amini’s death upset everyone and the incident was taken to the judiciary, the Chief said that he was in Samarkand when Amini was hospitalized and gave instructions to the authorities to investigate the incident.

Reisi said that when he received the news of Amini’s death, he called his family and offered his condolences. used the phrases.


Stating that the incident was examined by forensic medicine and they expect the final report to be announced in a few days, Reisi said, “Preliminary reports have been given by the institutions, but the final opinion has not been submitted yet, and of course, the final opinion should be given by the judicial system. We await your report.” he said.

Evaluating the criticism of the Irshad patrol, known as the “morality police”, which has been on duty in the country since 2005, Reisi said:

“In this process, comments were made in the media, in the newspapers and in the public about the method of law enforcement officers. There are suggestions and criticisms. One should not be afraid of expressing positive and negative views on neither this discussion nor the general application of a law or decision.

Different views must be taken and expressed. If the method of implementation of this is thought to be wrong and there are new ideas, these new views can be discussed and implemented. Values ​​cannot be changed, but the way the law is applied is debatable.”

Asked whether the practices of the Irshad patrol will be reviewed, the Iranian President said, “The best methods should be taken into account in the implementation of the law. We must provide a platform for dissenting opinions. The government is of this opinion.” said.

Describing the violent actions in the protests that led to deaths in the country as “conspiracies of the enemies”, Reisi said, “Protests about discussion, criticism and even some problems are not wrong. The border between criticism and protest and turmoil and chaos must be determined. Turmoil and chaos are unacceptable anywhere in the world.” used the phrases.


Reisi, who also made evaluations on the nuclear deal, said that during his visit to New York last week, he emphasized once again that his country wanted strong assurances for a return to the agreement in his meetings with European leaders.

Stating that European countries could not act independently against the USA, Reisi said, “During my meeting with Mr. (French President Emmanuel) Macron, the issue of nuclear negotiations came to the fore. We emphasized that we want a fair deal. He also admitted that the Europeans did not fulfill their commitments after the USA’s unilateral withdrawal from the agreement. ” said.


The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16, who was taken to the hospital in a coma after being detained by the Irshad patrols known as the “morality police” in Tehran on September 13, caused outrage in the country.

After Amini’s funeral in her hometown of Sakkız on September 17, demonstrations broke out in Tehran and cities in the west of the country.

Iranian state television announced on September 24 that 41 people, including security forces, lost their lives during the demonstrations that turned into violence, according to unofficial figures.

Authorities have not yet shared precise information about the loss of life in the demonstrations.

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