He explained the source of the problem in the National Team. Cevat Kol, the Poseidon of Football

ANSWER KOL / Yeniçağ

The Luxembourg draw and the Faroe Islands defeat caused the stench of filth swept under the carpet. The national team football, which went from league C to league B, did not make anyone happy with its preferences and structuring. We have seen very clearly that the problem in the national team is structural rather than technical. The system applied with puzzles in the country’s football has blocked the way of raising players. Implemented wrong policies made the country a paradise for foreigners. Supposedly, this season, the 7+4 system was going to be passed, and foreign players would be dissolved, and the way for domestic players would be cleared. What happened! Gentlemen wanted, the number of foreigners increased instead of decreasing. There is no response from the bosses of football. German Kuntz, the national team manager, says “we have to face it” on behalf of our country’s football. Isn’t it painful?

We have written many times that the problem in the national team has nothing to do with football knowledge. The current situation is the erosion of political thought. TFF’s former manager Selim Soydan expressed harshly that Hamit Altıntop did not stay comfortable during the Şenol Güneş period. How he did somersaults to put his German friend on duty is now being voiced. How are we to believe that Altintop did not confuse some of the players? After the Faroe Islands match, the fact that he tried to set the table in a rowdy manner on the live broadcast was almost a document about the past. For his friend Kuntz, he shields his chest and says “I’m with you”.

TFF ex-manager Selim Soydan says that Hamit Altıntop worked for Şenol Güneş to fail. When the smell comes out, everyone is now looking for the guilty and trying to confess their guilt out of guilt. We don’t tell Hamit Altintop’s footwork, Selim Soydan sings. So what was it; Those who caused a storm in a glass of water at that time owed Şenol Güneş an apology. But apology is the work of virtuous people, let’s not put ourselves in too much expectation!
Nobody cares about the national team. Everyone is holding one end and trying to cover themselves with a blanket. Nobody’s problem is to light the stove and warm up together!

As long as the name of football is autonomous, its content and operation is politically dependent, these things will not improve. The national team does not improve. Serious restructuring is needed. A structure in which the politicians withdraw their hands and the experts are on duty is a must. This is the way to salvation.