The big WhatsApp update is out! Here’s what’s new

When it comes to messaging today first app that comes to mind WhatsApp, which has made SMS history a thing of the past, offers new features every day. Nevertheless maximum file size lagging behind its competitors in some aspects, especially Major update for WhatsApp It was published.

In fact, the announcement of this update was made in a blog post published on WhatsApp’s official website in July. But since it spreads gradually, it takes time to reach everyone.

By clicking the icon on the side of the search bar, it has become possible to sort unread messages. In addition, it is used extensively Improvements to message deletion feature done.

WhatsApp file sending size increased to 2GB

“Deleting the message from both the sender and the receiver”Delete for EveryoneThe duration of the ” feature is now over 2 days. In other words, you can have a message you sent deleted from both sides even after 48 hours.

And also “Delete from meWhen you delete a message using the ” feature, it became possible to undo it within the first few seconds. The maximum number of participants in WhatsApp groups has increased to 512, while the maximum file size has been increased from 100MB to 2GB.

iPhone models that will end WhatsApp support have been announced!

iPhone models that will end WhatsApp support have been announced!

With iOS 16 in beta testing, iPhone models running iOS 10 or iOS 11 will soon stop supporting WhatsApp

In other words, it has become possible to send 2 GB files with WhatsApp. Considering that there are those who use Telegram just because of this file size limit, WhatsApp has made a big improvement in the application, taking into account the feedback from users.

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