Stability and morale deteriorated in Trabzonspor

While there were significant changes in Trabzonspor’s squad in the new season, the inconsistency in the defense of the team was reflected in the scores both in the league and in the European matches.

The skeleton of the team has changed with the separations in the burgundy-blues in the 2022-23 season and the new players. Major overhaul of the roster; reflected in team cohesion, scores and stability.

Stability and morale deteriorated

Seeking the success of last season, Trabzonspor lost their morale due to the results obtained in both European and league matches. In the first 6 weeks of the last season in the Super League, the maroon-blue team, who did not see the face of defeat, collected 14 points with 4 wins and 2 draws and settled on the top. Unable to achieve the same success in the first 6 weeks of the new season, Trabzonspor remained on 10 points with 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. The Bordeaux-Blues, who were defeated 3-2 in the last Adana Demirspor match in the Super League, were defeated 2 times in a row against Ferencvaros, which was their first match in the European Cup.

Team cohesion is disrupted

While Trabzonspor strengthened its squad with the transfers made to the defense, midfield, wing and attack positions in the new season, on the other hand, there was a problem of harmony with the separations. While there were disruptions in the offensive and defensive structure with the staff change, the burgundy-blue team started to score fewer goals in the Super League compared to last season and see more goals in their goal.

Offensive players cannot score

Although Trabzonspor added 7 new offensive players in the summer transfer season, they could not get the desired results in the first weeks of the league. Transferring Enis Bardhi, Maxi Gomez, Umut Bozok, Trezeguet, Naci Ünüvar, Mountassir Lahtimi and Yusuf Yazıcı in the new season, the burgundy-blue players were able to lift the opponent’s nets 11 times in 9 matches in European and league matches.

He sees more goals in his castle

In the first weeks of the season, the inconsistency in the defense of the burgundy-blue people, who remained weak in the goal ways, also affected the number of goals in the goal. Transforming into a team that saw more goals in its goal than last season, Trabzonspor scored 13 goals in the first 6 weeks of the league last season and saw 6 goals in the castle, while in the new season, he scored 8 goals and saw 8 goals in his castle.

Hunter trying to balance

Trabzonspor’s coach, Abdullah Avci, is trying to balance the team’s defense and midfield. Avcı, who had difficulty in shaping the squad as he wanted due to the high number of injured players, said of the incompatibility and low performance in the team, “We have been experiencing an unfamiliar situation for 2 weeks, where the opponent has come running towards us. We will question our game in the last two weeks”.

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