Scientists want to freeze the poles again

Scientists say that refreezing the north and south poles could prevent the climate crisis.

Scientists want to freeze the poles again

Global warming because of The Earth’s average temperatures are constantly increasing, as a result of which the glaciers are gradually disappearing and the Earth is endangered.

Experts warn that the rate of melting of the ice shelf may increase, pointing out that both the atmosphere and the oceans are warming due to the changing climate.

Plans for freezing the poles

Scientists say refreezing the north and south poles could be a way to manage the climate crisis.

Researchers led by Wake Smith at Yale University speculate that aerosol particles sprayed into the atmosphere from airplanes could partially block sunlight, reversing ice loss, and cooling the poles as a result.


Stratospheric aerosol injection, which is planned to be used in this solution method, will cost 10 billion pounds per year (approximately 210 billion TL).

But scientists say it would be less costly than other methods of tackling the climate crisis.

According to the researchers, this would require about 175,000 flights a year and release millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to achieve this.

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