Weekly Horoscope Comments: 19-25 September 2022 Weekly Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Other Horoscope Comments


Agenda of the Week

  • On Friday, September 23, at 04:04, the Sun enters Libra. By acting decisively, you can put your life in order and get rid of negativities.
  • On Friday, September 23, at 09:49, the Sun and Mercury meet in Libra. As a passionate period begins in relationships, love and headiness gain importance.


Dear Aries and ascendant Aries, the Sun’s transit into Libra brings your relationships under the microscope; You can realize more clearly what kind of relationships you have and what you want.


Dear Taurus and Taurus rising sign, with the Sun transiting into Libra, you may face issues that are psychologically burdensome to you. Although it may seem scary to resolve the issues you are uncomfortable with, it actually heals you.


Dear Gemini and Gemini ascendant, you can find paths of personal growth with the Sun’s transit into Libra.


Dear Cancers and Cancer rising sign, with the Sun’s transition to Libra, you can progress in your career and do things that you can see. You can start a new job, recover economically, and establish more constructive relationships.



Dear Leos and Leo ascendant, the transit of your ruling planet Sun into Libra makes you socially indispensable.


Dear Virgos and Virgo rising sign, the transit of the Sun into Libra can heal you materially and spiritually.


Dear Libras and Libra rising sign, you are starting to feel much better as the Sun enters your sign. You can show your best in every sense.


Dear Scorpios and Scorpio ascendant, the Sun’s transit into Libra allows you to focus your attention on yourself.


Dear Sagittarius and Sagittarius ascendant, the Sun’s transit into Libra can make you more sociable. You are at a time when you want to be on the go, meet new people and feel free.


Dear Capricorns and ascendant Goat With the transit of the Sun into Libra, you can realize the issues you aim for in your business life.


Dear Aquarius and ascendant Aquarius Those of you can focus on your own worth as the Sun moves into Libra. You may experience confrontations about the value you give and take from people.

The fish


Dear Pisces and ascendant The fish Those who are, the Sun’s transit into Libra can make you your own therapist. You realize that you are neglecting yourself and the obstacles you have set for yourself.


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