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Friend or foe, he looks at his feet, I’m confused. In all the photos, I examine the woman’s shoes and bags and imagine that she left her bags to me. No, I have my eye on such big things, I don’t want an inch of British land. But if the will is announced and it is revealed that “the bags are my Elif”, I will be very happy.

For a while, I’ve been reading articles titled “The end of the monarchy has come, let the queen remain as the last monarch,” there are people who open banners in the streets. “He is not my king” adorns T-shirts. They perceive the end of a 70-year reign as the end of the reign.

I really don’t care about that part.


They dress very nicely, from head to toe. How many thousands of servants and assistants does the Queen already have? Okay, it’s not a thousand, it’s a lot. I just read that there is a team in charge of your shoes.

I can understand the choice of clothes and accessories, but what is the shoe team, friend? Are they unemployed now, look what’s wrong with me…

There was a book written by Angela Kelly, her assistant in charge of her wardrobe, called “Queen: The Other Side of the Coin”. There she had revealed a whole host of secrets, such as the way someone put on the queen’s new shoes and relaxed them before. God bless the woman’s feet when she squeezes new shoes. Here is an attendant who had put on and opened the shoes beforehand.

Shoe making was also special, according to him leather, according to him sewing, according to him shoe buckles were used.

The queen wore the same model shoes with short blunt heels and soft leather for 50 years.

We haven’t seen such a sexy stiletto on her feet, she couldn’t wear it when she was young either. She has been a queen as long as she knows herself.

Ah, only the boots he wore while riding a horse were different, he also wore plastic boots when traveling on mountain slopes. The boots were beautiful too. I don’t want their boots because their feet are smaller than mine, I can’t even force them. That’s why I want the bags, I even wrote a letter and sent it to my dear King. “What are you going to do with them?” I asked. The thing I fear most is that they donate to charities and when I get caught, I’m left with nothing; If God wrote it, let it break it.

It’s funny, but I have to tell you. The royal family’s habit of re-wearing and pretending to be frugal is getting on my nerves, but it’s also funny. It’s constantly on the news. No, she wore the same dress she wore in 2006 in 2017, not because she wore the costume she wore at the ceremony where she accepted the French Prime Minister, at her grandson’s wedding or something. There are hundreds of news about shoes as well.

The shoes were undergoing maintenance and were constantly checked so that they could be worn for a long time. She was wearing the same shoes over and over, but how frugal was our queen.


An army of people is working for this in the palace, what thrift. Besides, you’re the queen, wear whatever you want, don’t wear it again. Look, you passed away, before you could wear a stiletto…

Oh, and the deceased didn’t like high heel shoes at all, and he didn’t want anyone to wear them either.

I think the last stylish shoe she wore was at her coronation in 1953. The shoes were designed by the French shoe designer Roger Vivier. Shoes made of golden leather (I think it was dipped in gold water or the leather was covered with gold) were decorated with rubies. Replicas were also made. Moreover, it was redesigned by Gherardo Felloni for the spring / summer 2020 collection, I wish I had bought it at the time.

Well, with a crown with more than 1600 diamonds on his head, he’s not going to wear ordinary shoes! I wonder where those shoes are, look, I wouldn’t say no if they gave them.


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