We are ready to cooperate in the construction of grain, food distribution and storage center for Africa

Egypt: We are ready to cooperate for Africa

Speaking at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in New York, Shukri said that one out of every 5 people in Africa is at risk of starvation.

Noting the failure of the international community in sustainable development, Shukri said, “The world and Africa are facing the most dangerous food security crisis of all crises.” used the phrases.

Shukri said the following about the food center for Afrki:

“For its distinguished geographical position in building a center in Africa for the distribution and storage of grain and foodstuffs with the aim of making a contribution to alleviating the world food crisis. SweetcornI am announcing that Turkey is ready to cooperate with the international community.”

Shukri reminded that the Russia-Ukraine war has increased the world’s troubles after the Kovid-19 crisis and has increased the developing burdens on the backs of the countries.

Saying that “UN 77th General Assembly meetings are taking place in a sensitive historical period,” Shukri emphasized that international crises are quite complex and intertwined, and that serious work and multilateral diplomacy are needed to combat them.

Shukri stated that it has become imperative for developed countries to respond positively to the demand to initiate a global initiative between debtor and creditor countries, aiming at the exchange of debts and the conversion of most of them into joint investment projects.