President Erdogan is right about the F-35

Former US Deputy Secretary of State Matthew Bryza made statements on the agenda in the live broadcast he attended.

Evaluating the partial mobilization and nuclear threat of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bryza said, “I don’t think Putin will try to use nuclear weapons. He has concerns about his own political future in Russia. He uses the war to protect his own power. Putin thinks of himself, but the West is attacking us. “The system that Putin has established in his country is a powerful one. Putin is destroying the future of his own country right now.” used the phrases.


Underlining that Turkey’s mediation efforts have been very important since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, the former minister said, “We can say that Turkey’s mediation efforts have been very important. Guterres has always said this. There is a lot of criticism about Turkey in the United States, Turkey is a very big country because it doesn’t take the pro-NATO side, but Turkey is in such a geography. There were messages to the US that you should not enter Northern Iraq if you haven’t thought of everything. The country says our neighbors. Turkey supports Ukraine with political rhetoric, condemns the attack and supports it by not accepting the annexation of Crimea, but at the same time keeps its communication with Russia open. The grain corridor and prisoner exchange are also an important development. It offers Putin an opportunity to calm the atmosphere. “He’s trying to escalate, but at the same time he’s trying to pacify. I think Putin is on the way to easing tensions.” he said.

Commenting on the tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Bryza said, “I have also been in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Pashinyan wants to stick to the agreements he signed. He said that he will withdraw all his troops from Karabakh in this agreement. Russia signed a tripartite agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Armenia is already at war. “The Armenian opposition does not want the conflict with Azerbaijan to end. Armenia does not have a military force either. I did not think Pashinyan would survive after the war, but he came back to power through elections.” said.


“Azerbaijan’s victory psychologically collapsed Yerevan.” Bryza continued his speech as follows, US foreign policy is determined by the president. Pelosi is a strong character. He does so in his personal capacity when he visits a country. President Joe Biden, not the Speaker of the House of Representatives, determines foreign policy. Biden did not approve of Pelosi’s going to Taiwan. Pelosi’s statements in Yerevan are quite unnecessary. Our policy as the USA is to be a mediator. The role of the USA in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia will become clear in time. The European Union should also play an active role. It seems as if the US is on the side of Armenia, but Pelosi did it for the votes in California. Foreign Minister Bliken has made it clear that the United States is neutral.


Matthew Bryza made the following assessments regarding Greece’s provocative attitudes:

I think Mitsotakis has decided to escalate tensions with Turkey because it is a successful policy strategy for him. He made a gentleman’s agreement with Erdogan a few months ago. Mitsotakis was not going to block the sale of the F16. Mitsotakis understood this, he knew that the sale of the F16 meant easing tensions between Turkey and the USA. Turkey paid 1.3 billion dollars for F35 and this money suddenly evaporated and this is unfair. Trump also said that Turkey and Erdogan are right. I think Erdogan said okay, we will not buy the F35, then we will get the F16. They are already assembled in Turkey. F16 is assembled without any mistakes in Turkey. Turkey wonders why Washington is against us buying the F16. The only reason for this had to be Washington’s hostile stance. Despite this, Mitsotakis went to the USA and used a rhetoric against the sale of the F16. Naturally, Erdogan was also angry. Mitsotakis then did something like this. A NATO ally does not lock another NATO country’s aircraft with radar. That’s incredible. I like Greece, I think they all realized a little that this tension went a little too far. The next tension will be the Eastern Mediterranean. A drill ship will go and Turkey will start drilling in undisputed open waters. Let’s see what Greece will do. There may be some diplomatic developments after that. Erdogan made a very wise move, telling him to withdraw the drilling ships from the Mediterranean and go to the Black Sea.

Of course, the issue is much deeper than Mitsotakis’ addressing the nationalists in Greece. I agree with what Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said. He said that the Greek army and the Turkish army cannot be compared. I do not think that the USA’s military build-up there will change this balance. The USA prefers Greece, compared to Turkey… I think the answer is yes, politically. There is a very strong Greek diaspora in the USA. This is also the case in the UK. He has a romantic view of Greece. Partially domestic politics, yes, but it’s also something they feel wholeheartedly about. There are many US citizens of Greek descent and Greek culture is well known. Democratic systems have their origins in Greece.

US citizens of Greek or Armenian descent work together. Indeed, this S-400 has shaken Turkey’s relationship with the United States. We can discuss this forever. Here, Greece has an opportunity. Greece also used this and demanded more weapons from the USA.

The S-300s in Greece are actually not a double standard. Because the S-300 system was bought by the Greek Cypriots. When the USA and Turkey said no to this, they put it on the island of Crete. The Greek side said that we are taking it and we will not use it. They said we won’t even take it out of the box, but it seems that these systems were unboxed, which they locked in a NATO country’s fighter plane. In this case, Greece violated the agreement regarding the departure of the S300s from Southern Cyprus.

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