‘Nuclear conflict’ warning from the USA to Russia and China: The possibility of conflict is realistic, we must be prepared!

Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, “America Under Attack – Defending the Fatherland” He made comments at a panel on the subject.

Charles Richard, “possible direct nuclear conflict with a nuclear power” Said they were working on it.

Richard, “We haven’t had to do this for over 30 years. The consequences are profound. They are important for protecting the homeland. They are important both for strategic deterrence and for achieving our national goals. This is no longer theoretical.” said.

Admiral Richard, US Department of Defense (Pentagon) “every plan and capability is based on the assumption that strategic deterrence, and nuclear deterrence in particular, works” stated.

Richard also argues that only if this assumption is not met, “Nothing else at the Pentagon or joint force will work as designed” expressed.


Charles Richard, “Russia and China can go anywhere in the world, in any area, by any means, to any level of violence they choose. The United States has not faced such an enemy in a long time.” said.

Richard, therefore US Strategic Commandof “that he would have to change his approach to war” stating, “slower, traditional approaches no longer work” he also added.

Richard, “Commanders will have to act quickly against the enemy on land, in the sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace, that is, in all areas, while defending the homeland.” he said.

Admiral Richard, “The threat from China continues to grow” stating, “We need to apply a very good strategy to this” used the phrases.

Richard also “We don’t know where it will end as the threat from Russia continues to grow along with other challenges we face” said.