Nuclear restle Russian roulette!.. – Tunca Bengin

Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Ukraine’when he started the invasion on February 21, 2022. Address to the Nation In his speech, he tried to justify his aggressive attitude based on what happened in history and even by distorting history. In a very harsh and threatening language, challenging the whole world. Afterwards too Ukraine’s determination and determination to protect their lands of the Russian army The situation of hitting the wall is known. Therefore, Russia’of the 9th of May Victory Day In his speech, a different Putin image and discourse dosage was in question. Speech is usually Russia’hey, Russian It was built on consolidating its people. Putin “We took a preemptive attack to protect our lands. We were compelled to do this,” said both the occupation and the invasion. “just war” He tried to put the people in the framework of the situation as well as explain the mentality of the heavy losses and casualties they inflicted. again at the beginning USA and NATO There were also outward-looking messages, including, but rather, the persuasive messages he gave to the internal public were more prominent. In other words, he specifically avoided escalating tensions. In terms of both content and style dosage. In this context, the debates of that day were “Is it Putin’s tactic or did he talk or act like this because his bayonet fell?” was focused on. More opinions too “His bayonet fell” was in favor of it. As a result, peace and solution on the table There was talk of an increased possibility. However, looking at the latest developments, that day was taken lightly. “tactics” The correctness of the option has been verified. because Putin Now, its attack on a sovereign country and its occupation of its lands is a fait accompli with referendum and annexation games. “defense war” he turned. for the occupied places. Ukraine’He says, “This is Russian land, if you want to take it, if you try, you will directly attack Russian land.” He even posted to the world, “In such a case, I will do all kinds of retaliation, including nuclear weapons.” And right after Putin’There have been statements that reinforce the possibility of insanity, that he is not bluffing. USA’‘s response to this was that “the use of any nuclear weapon Russia would have disastrous consequences. Don’t even think about it.” Yes, real reason says no logic, but Putin’Considering the character of ‘s and the fact that he is cornered by sanctions, no one can say for sure that he will not do it. especially Russia’While there was an example of madness such as the bombing of the nuclear power plant. Obviously, now all-out war, even NATO We are in a critical period where there is a risk of spreading to other countries. Ukraine’because of the arms support and aids, other countries Russia’old who stated that he was on target Chief of Staff Intelligence Em. corg. Ismail Hakki Beijing tells:

“Strategically, there is no hesitation that Russia will win the war. But when Russia sees that especially large-scale weapons given to Ukraine can make them lose the war in tactical terms, it may make different moves to different countries. Depending on the origin of the weapon and the country it came from, there may be madness. Especially in terms of intimidation. For example, Russia’s newly built nuclear missile does not have a nuclear warhead, but it goes with a nuclear system. If he does this, I have such a weapon in my hand, I can reach anywhere in the world, he threatens everyone, including the USA, if I hit a target anywhere. That’s what it’s called when you say it’s not a bluff. A test with a nuclear missile without a nuclear warhead. He can do something like that too.”

Will the US be content with watching this?

“The critical thing here is, how does the US respond to this? People are afraid of; They say don’t test nuclear war or nuclear weapon, missile, it will be a disaster if you do. For example, Russia threw it, the USA said that this is coming towards me, pressed the button, it started to launch its intercontinental missile. So an instant test is a disaster. There is no deterrence right now, everyone says I can use nuclear weapons, I can do this. When this happens, many countries have nuclear weapons, and as deterrence disappears, the possibility of war inevitably arises. If you do this, I will do this. Thus, such a test could ultimately lead to a worldwide nuclear disaster. That’s what their fears are. Right now Russia is strategically playing a game. Now he is waiting for the move of the USA. What can the US do? The only thing Biden said was, ‘Don’t bring it up all the time, it would be bad if you used it’.”

In summary, what we say is that cornered or not kneeling, however you interpret it, Putin’There is a high probability that he will try any means, the madness, in terms of not losing the area he has taken over. By turning this into a nuclear restin test Russian roulette including.


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