He put a condom on the microphone: He made news in Hurricane

WALL – While Hurricane Ian, which affected the south of the USA, continued, NBC2 reporter Kyla Galer, reporting news from the region, became the agenda on social media.

Trying to make news under the storm, Galer wrapped a condom on his microphone while he was facing the camera so that his microphone would not be affected by water and adverse weather conditions. The image of Galer was shared thousands of times on social media.

Making a statement on his social media account, Galer said, “What you see here is really what you think. This condom helps protect my equipment. It is very important that these devices do not get wet. There is also a lot of wind and we had to do that.”


Hurricane Ian, which reached the US state of Florida from the Atlantic Ocean, rose to the level of category 4. In Fort Mayer, Florida, where evacuation orders were given for 2.5 million people due to the hurricane that left all of Cuba without electricity, streets, ground floors of buildings and parking lots were flooded within 2 hours.

According to the information on the “poweroutages.us” website, which monitors the power cuts, in the city and the surrounding regions, where the water level rose to 2 meters in places due to the ocean waves dragged by the storm, close to 1 million people were left without electricity. Hurricane Ian, which reaches land at a speed of about 240 kilometers, continues to move towards northern Florida. (NEWS CENTER)