Notes from the 79th Venice Film Festival: Miter’s film ‘Argentina, 1985’

By making this reminder, the Argentine actor, screenwriter and director Santiago Mitre (1980) sprinkles water on our hearts thirsting for justice. Golden Lion candidate “Argentina, 1985”, who seized power after three military coups between 1976-1982 and implemented fascist state terrorism; It describes the trial process of nine generals (especially Jorge Videla, Roberto Viola and Leopoldo Galtieri who were presidents) who were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of dissidents who “disappeared” and who committed crimes against humanity such as systematic torture. Based on real documents and events, he clearly demonstrates the process of this extraordinary lawsuit filed by the civilian government, to which the British won the war of the Malouines Islands, in the civil court, through the mouths of the witnesses. Focusing on the young team (without changing anyone’s real name) alongside the prosecutor Julio Strassera and his family, who bravely resisted all pressures and threats, the film turned this historical trial process into a suspenseful, easy-to-watch detective story that manages to soften it with the light breezes of daily life.


We understand very well how the sentencing of three of the nine accused generals to life imprisonment sparked enthusiasm among those seeking justice in Argentina, and how prosecutor Strassera was elevated to the rank of a national hero… This time, another platform, “Argentina 1985”, produced by Amazon. We are not too upset that it will be watched on small screens. On the contrary… Miter, who did not engage in formal tricks, did not make a special effort to make dark halls aesthetically necessary.

Since the true story it tells and the political content of the film come to the fore, it will undoubtedly be very useful to watch this film, which is very useful for millions of people, to watch, perhaps, to all the dictators around the world and their mentors, as well as a few times (if necessary!).


Isn’t it important today that peoples increasingly embrace their freedoms and care about the prosecution of the perpetrators? Undoubtedly, the support of non-governmental organizations in this process is also very important.

However, this positive trend brings with it a serious danger. Justice is a sacred concept, too precious to be handed over neither to angry masses nor to politicians in this noisy and unhealthy environment where everyone has a voice as a result of the rapid development of social media!

Judging is a very serious and difficult process. It can only be carried out by serious, professional, independent and free judges who do not violate the rules of law, do not sell their conscience and duty.

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