National mining strategy and pler Gold Mine requirements – Prof. Dr. Yaar Hacsaliholu

Within the scope of the national energy and mining strategy, Turkey; It is struggling to get rid of foreign dependency and to claim its future. It is clear that this is a very tough fight. Energy and mineral wealth; It is the most important weapon in the power struggle of countries.

In the 21st century, it is the most important reason for the projects of domination and the conflicts, chaos and wars based on it.

Aware of this, Turkey first wants to protect its assets, to value them, to integrate them with the goal of high technology, and to make it the basis of adding strength to its power in the cause of fully independent Turkey.

It wants to become one of the few countries in the world with the seismic exploration and drilling ships it has purchased, and to gain wealth by making use of every drop of water of the Blue Homeland.

A large exploration-drilling activity continues in land areas as well. At the end of 6 years of drilling, it is discovering the world’s second largest reserve of 694 million tons of rare earth elements. Thus, it obtains important raw material resources in high technology production.

The current state of Turkey’s mining potential gives great hope for the future.

Turkey is in an important position in terms of both resources and resource diversity.

Turkey in terms of mineral resources; It is among the top 5 in the world in terms of raw material sources such as boron, marble, trona, feldspar, barite, gypsum, chrome and cement.

According to 2020 data, in terms of reserve ranking, Turkey ranks first in boron mine and second in trona mine ranking.

Turkey hosts 70 out of 90 natural resources and trades 60 mines. In this context, Turkey, which hosts a wide variety of mineral resources such as gold, silver, nickel, aluminum, iron, copper, lead, zinc and antimony, is at an important point in the world in terms of mineral diversity.

When mineral groups and hydrocarbon productions are analyzed, Turkey ranks 22nd in the world production order. When considered in terms of mineral diversity, Turkey ranks 8th in terms of its geological belt.

Boron minerals, which make up 72% of the world’s reserves, come first among the mines that our country is rich in. Turkey; world winner for boron, feldspar and pumice; trona/soda ash, chrome and lignite second place in the world; third in the world in aggregate production; magnesite and perlite are third in the world; bentonite, diatomite and gypsum/gypsum fourth place in the world; strontium world fifth; vermiculite, antimony and cement world sixth; zeolite, barite, lime and lead are world eighth; It is the ninth in the world in kaolin and salt production. In addition, Turkey’s share in world gold production is at the level of 2.1%.

Our country has about 2% of the world’s gold reserves.

Gold production, which was 1.4 tons/year at the beginning, increased to 42 tons/year in 2020 with newly commissioned gold mines. Following the increase in gold market prices, our country’s production potential may be 50 tons/year. is calculated.

Gold has never lost its feature of being the most precious metal throughout history. Therefore, it has a privileged place in power strategy. Gold is much more privileged for imperialist countries that are greedy and covet the riches of others outside their borders.

The same reflex towards Turkey’s gold resources has always been temperamental. He was always uncomfortable with the addition of Turkey to his power.

For this, some media and some associations and organizations tried to blunt Turkey’s initiatives with gray propaganda methods.

The second largest gold mine in Turkey is located in the village of Copler, in the district of İliç in Erzincan; A similar reflex has worked towards the Kapakler Gold Mine.

It is understood that those who tried to spread the spotlights of a “great environmental disaster” by announcing a leak in the mine site on June 21, 2022 as a “pipe explosion” were not interested in the truth.

However, the information revealed by the relevant people illuminates the issue.

They say;

“As the Çöpler Mine Works is among the few mines in Europe and even the world in terms of the technology and techniques used, Turkey is almost like a school for the mining industry. The enterprise has high standards in terms of environment, occupational health and safety.”

And again, with the statement of the concerned, it is said that;

“Despite all this, a spill occurred as a result of the disconnection of the connecting piece (flange) in the pipeline located in the heap leaching area inside the mine site on June 21, 2022.

As a result of the incident, nearly 20 tons of diluted cyanide solution containing 8 kilograms of cyanide flowed into the access road within the mine area, and the spillage spread from the pipeline where the incident occurred to the heap leaching area and then to the mine access road. With the decrease in the pressure in the pipeline and the activation of our security and control system, our expert teams carried out field checks and determined the situation, and the area affected by the incident was intervened with the methods to be applied immediately after, and the area was completely cleaned. This incident was immediately reported to the TR Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change without delay. The Ministry, which took samples from the region for examination, temporarily suspended our production activities until some improvements were made as a precautionary measure.

The news in some media areas do not reflect the truth. According to this; Our company has not been closed. There was no “pipe burst” in our business. There was no “environmental disaster”.

All kinds of measures are implemented within the scope of environmental, occupational health and safety regulations at the Kapakler Mine. However, wherever there is industry and production, there is the possibility of such events. Even in the aviation industry, where there are very strict rules and inspections, accidents can occur from time to time.”

As a result, with new arrangements, production will start again soon in the Kapakler Gold Mine. It aims to increase Turkey’s high share in gold production without harming the environment.

It should not be forgotten that; our national energy and mining strategy is the most important source of power for our present and future…

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