“My best day at Real Madrid was the day I left”

Kaka, Spanish marca made a statement to the newspaper.

Stating that the Brazilian National Team will go to the 2022 World Cup with a better squad than the previous tournament, Kaka said, “Neymar will be the leader of the Brazilian National Team in the 2022 World Cup. It is very important to have players like Vinicius next to him. 2018″ Neymar was also a hero, but now he has some very good young players with him, which takes the pressure off Neymar a bit.” used the phrases.

Kaka, who transferred from Milan to Real Madrid in 2009 for 67 million euros, but remained far from expectations, said about that period, “It may sound a bit strange, but my best day at Real Madrid was the day I was sure to leave. When I talked to Florentino Perez, he told me. “He said that I did everything I could and that I was a great professional. Injuries and some events affected me. I would never speak badly about Real Madrid or Jose Mourinho.”


Kaka stated that the UEFA Nations League made it difficult for South American countries to play matches with European countries. “It affects the development of competition. But both Argentina and Brazil are coming to the World Cup very well. They have a chance to win the World Cup.” made the statement.