Murat Ilgaz and Hugh Dallas evaluated the controversial positions in the Super League: 7 right, 1 wrong from the referees


First time in Turkey TFF The first episode of the ‘According to the Rule’ program, which was implemented under the will and management of MHK, was broadcast on beIN Sports screens yesterday. In the program, MHK Vice President and Referee Murat Ilgaz and UEFA Referee Board Vice President and TFF Referee Training Advisor Hugh Dallas evaluated the critical referee decisions of the week. last week by duo Super League referee passed the class.

Valencia kicks violently

Evaluating the position of Enner Valencia in the Konyaspor-F.Bahçe match, Dallas said, “Valencia kicks its opponent violently. Red card correct. The referee took the position. If he hadn’t caught it, VAR would have warned the referee,” he said. For Dallas Adil’s yellow card, “The referee’s job is to keep the players on the field, but the players cannot do this in the flow of the game. Adil’s yellow card is the right decision.” Murat Ilgaz also said, “The two cards Adil Demirbağ conceded are the right decisions.”


VAR warned but still didn’t

The duo stated that in the Trabzonspor-G.Saray match, the referee’s decision to ‘continue’ was correct in two positions where a penalty was expected. Stating that the referees made the right decision in 7 of the 8 controversial positions of the week, Dallas and Ilgaz stated that it was a mistake to insist on the decision of “continue” in the position that was clearly a penalty despite the VAR warning of referee Kürşad Filiz in the Alanyaspor-Istanbulspor match. The duo stated that the penalty and red card in the 85th minute of the same match were correct.


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