Mother and daughter terrorized in the hospital. The doctor nurse didn’t notice the security guard

In Yalova, mother and daughter attacked doctors, nurses and security guards. Irritated, T.Ç entered the Yalova State Hospital from the emergency room. TÇ told the doctor who was dealing with him about his complaints and asked for serum to be inserted. The doctor stated to his patient that he had a panic attack, that there was no need for serum insertion and that an EKG should be taken. Then, when the woman insisted on putting the serum on, the doctor said, “I am the medic, calm down,” and directed him to the observation department.


Meanwhile, her daughter S.Çi, who heard her mother’s illness, came to the hospital. Talking to her mother, her daughter ran into the hospital corridor angrily and punched another doctor who was treating the patient. exp. Dr. Esengül Doğan (49) was attacked by mother-daughter, who tried to prevent them, and also attacked nurse Abdurrahman Ekin (24) and security guard Esra Uslu (28). These moments were recorded second by second by the hospital’s security cameras.

In the footage, there were moments when the mother and daughter attacked the female doctor and tried to slap them, then kicked and punched the nurse who tried to prevent them, and tried to attack the female security guard by squeezing her neck.


In the hospital, which was given the ‘white code’, the police stopped the mother and daughter with difficulty. The mother and daughter, who were taken to the police station to be taken to the police station, were released on the condition of judicial control by the judge that they were brought to the courthouse. Objecting to the decision, the prosecutor demanded a second arrest.


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