The man who found the vulnerability of the ATM withdrew millions of dollars

living in Melbourne, Australia Dan Saunderstried to transfer $200 from his credit card to his savings account via ATM one night, but the ATM refused Saunders’ request and returned his card.

Finding this very strange, Saunders, wondering what would happen, tried to withdraw $200 from his savings account this time and saw that it worked.

Saunders then began testing the machine and He withdrew $200, then $500, and finally $600. and realized that there is no end to the money that comes in.

According to the news in Unilad, The ATM, whose internet connection was cut off between 1 and 3 a.m., allowed unlimited cash withdrawals without registering.


Saunders, in his statement on the situation, “I spent 2000 dollars on the first day, but transferred 4000 dollars on the second day so that the money in my account would not go into negatives” used the phrases.

Saunders continued, “I could do whatever I wanted at night, but when it was daytime, the money in my account went negative. In this cycle, as long as I moved quickly, I could trick the system into thinking I had millions of dollars…”

Thanks to this method, Saunders, who lived like a millionaire for more than 4 months, had the chance to experience quite luxurious activities.

“If you have imagination and money, you can help people live their wildest dreams” Said Saunders, he flew private jets, paid off his friends’ student debts, and even provided places for homeless people to stay overnight.

Saunders is almost a man, buying whatever he wants and having fun like crazy. “rock star” lived like.


Although Saunders occasionally received phone calls from the bank asking whether the large expenses were his or not, he was never asked about fraudulent activities.

Although no one had noticed his game, Saunders was starting to have nightmares. Saunders, who saw SWAT teams come to his hotel room once, said this. “I woke up from a nightmare covered in sweat” told as.


Saunders, who reported himself to the bank as a result of the big showdowns he experienced, “He is in big trouble and the police will contact him soon” He got the news, but the police had no contact with him for 2 years.

Saunders, who went to a psychiatrist because of the tension and guilt he was experiencing, eventually surrendered to the police and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

18 months post-trial “community service penalty” Saunders has returned to his old job as a bartender and is currently publishing his life as a book, with his story in preparation for a movie.

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