Keny: “My goal is to score goals all the time”

Medipol Başakşehir, which will host Aytemiz Alanyaspor in the 5th week of Spor Toto Super League, started the preparations for the match with today’s training. Before the training, the new transfer of the orange-dark blue team, Philippe Keny, made a statement to the press.

Expressing his happiness that his name was mentioned with big clubs before his transfer to Başakşehir, Philippe Keny said, “My name was mentioned with other clubs, I am very happy for this. There was such a rumor, especially with Beşiktaş. However, as of today, I am a player of Başakşehir. I do not want to talk about Beşiktaş.” .

“My goal is always to score goals”

Saying that he was transferred to a strong team, the 22-year-old striker said, “I want to be in the top 11 with the appreciation of our coach. I want to start working on this as soon as possible. I came to a very strong team. My goal is to score goals constantly, I want to help my team and my teammates.” used.

Expressing that he did his part very well in Bandırmaspor, Kenny said:

“I definitely believed in that. That’s why I clinged to my work while playing for Bandırmaspor. The goals I scored there brought me to where I am today. They were not really unattainable goals for me. Because it was a place where I could gain tremendous momentum. I did my job very well there. I will continue to work to achieve better goals in Başakşehir, which is a part of

“Hodja Emre convinced me”

Kenny said that coach Emre Belözoğlu convinced him, “When Emre coach called me, he convinced me to come here. After talking to me, there was no need to think too much. I had to choose this place automatically. There are definitely other clubs, but there are other clubs, but what my coach Emre told me. As a result of the philosophy, I accepted this place in terms of the game system.”

“The important thing is to deserve the jersey”

Expressing that he is not worried about jersey competition, the 22-year-old striker concluded his words as follows:

“Obviously, I have no fears or worries. I am here for the competition. We will be in a good competition with my teammates. We will all show our struggle for Başakşehir. I want to give myself 100 percent. If our teacher sees it appropriate to start with me, I will fight in whatever position he expects from me. The important thing here is to deserve the jersey. I will continue to work hard to deserve it.”

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