It was claimed that there was a military coup in China, social media was destroyed!


Chinese journalist Jennifer Zeng military coup The claim stirred social media.

Youtube channel and Twitter account Chinese Journalist Zeng, who shared about the news, claimed that a coup was carried out against Chinese President Xi Jinping and that Xi was kept under house arrest.

Journalist Zeng, who lives in the USA, used a video of military vehicles to share, “Chinese army vehicles are advancing towards Beijing on September 22. The length of the convoy is 80 kilometers. At the same time, according to rumors, Xi Jinping was arrested by some army administrators and his house He’s being held in jail,” he said.

The claim of the Chinese journalist spread rapidly on social media, arousing curiosity in the international public.

The claim of journalist Zeng, who is also known for his closeness to opposition groups, was not confirmed by official sources.

It was claimed that there was a military coup in China, social media was destroyed

Turkish living in China social media users also stated that the coup claim is not true. In addition, it was seen that there was no activity in Beijing, the capital of China, and life continued in its normal course.



Zeng, who claimed the coup, later shared that the family of a Chinese admiral told him that it was not true that Xi was arrested.

Jennifer Zeng, in a statement on her Youtube channel, based the video and the claim on Xie Wanjun, who introduced himself as the head of the US-based “China Democracy Party”.