Social media made a ‘coup’ – Breaking News


Social media yesterday Chinese President Xi Jinping’s return to Uzbekistan, which he went to last week to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting, was shaken by allegations that he was detained. Anti-Chinese accounts are unfounded with various scenarios coup Beijing’s silence while bringing up its allegations led to comments that “something may have happened under the Communist Party leadership”.


Chinese writer Jennifer Zeng, residing in the USA, published images suggesting that army vehicles were moving towards the capital Beijing yesterday morning, and China and Xi Jinping labels soon became a ‘trend topic’ on social media. Humorous posts were made on Twitter that many circles were celebrating, from neighboring India, which has problems with Beijing, to Xi Jinping’s domestic opponents.



The posts, which seem to have been fueled by Beijing opponents, cited the news that 60 percent of all civilian flights across China were canceled without justification on September 21, and the alleged clash at a military facility in Shenyang on September 8 as evidence for the coup allegations. In addition, while the leaders came together for various events in Samarkand, the absence of Xi was presented as a reason for the news that “things went wrong at home”. It was also pointed out in his social media accounts that Xi missed a military exercise on September 21 and the military reform group meeting that he had not missed before. In addition, China’s ongoing UN The fact that he was represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs instead of the leader of the state, Xi, at the General Assembly meetings also formed the basis for the rumors.


While all this was going on, the English-language state media Xinhua published a laudatory report emphasizing that Xi had worked as a farmer in the past and understood rural life, due to the harvest day celebrated yesterday. He shared Xi’s message to farmers.


An amendment to the Chinese constitution in 2018 removed the two-term limit for the presidency. At the 20th Party Congress of the CCP to be held on October 16, Xi is preparing to take office for another five years, becoming the first person to hold the leadership seat for more than two terms since the founder of the state, Mao.


On the other hand, the Communist Party administrators; It is commented that they do not want to see Xi as a leader for another five years due to the Taiwan impasse, the situation in Russia and the endless pandemic situation. Even if the allegations were fabricated by anti-Shi, it is interpreted as an indication that things are not going smoothly in Beijing. There was no official statement regarding the rumors.