Interesting savings advice from Boris Johnson: Buy a new kettle!

“If you have an old kettle that takes a long time to boil, it can cost you £20 to replace it,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a speech in Suffolk, England. made a suggestion.

This proposal of the Prime Minister regarding energy saving has attracted reaction due to the recently increased energy prices in the country.

Bill Esterson, one of the main opposition Labor MPs, asked Johnson’s kettle proposal, “Is he seriously ignorant or just doesn’t care? Or both?” commented.

Wes Streeting, another MP, said: “You can’t pay your bills this winter, buy a kettle now and save £10 in a few years. That’s a savings of 3p a day over three years, before you factor in inflation.” used the phrases.

Some social media users also reacted to Prime Minister Johnson’s austerity proposal.


British energy sector supervisory agency Ofgem, in a statement on 26 August, decided to increase the annual upper limit that can be applied to energy bills to be paid by households by 80 percent to £ 3,549 from October.

In the statement, it was stated that due to the extreme volatility in energy prices, it was not possible to make a prediction about the next upper limit to be applied in January of next year, and it was stated that a serious increase in energy prices could be experienced in the winter months of 2023.

Annual inflation in the country reached 10.1% in July, the highest level in the last 40 years. The Bank of England raised the policy rate from 1.25 percent to 1.75 percent, making the highest interest rate increase in the last 27 years, at the beginning of this month to combat rising inflation.


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