Last Minute: Omar’s contract at Galatasaray was terminated!


GalatasarayNorwegian right-back Omar He announced that Elabdellaoui’s contract was terminated unilaterally.

Here is the announcement from Galatasaray;

The contract of professional football player Omar Elabdellaoui has been terminated unilaterally.


My dear Galatasaray family, instead of believing the news about me in the media, I wanted you to learn the truth from me. My pre-season manager informed me that some teams that want me have offers. After I talked to our coach and he told me that he was in his plans, I told my manager to forget about all other offers and that I wanted to stay here and help the team.

Just a few days ago, just before the closing of the transfer season; Cenk Ergun He told me that the club wanted me to find myself a new team. I told him that it was a surprise to me but if the club wanted it that way, I would tell my manager to find a team immediately, even though there is very little time left.


When I convey this to my manager, he will take care of the issue and do his best; He told me to continue training and stay in shape during this period. Since then, I haven’t heard anything from the club or my manager about finding a team.

No matter what some people say, my love and respect for this club continues. Normally, I don’t go out and talk about what is said in the media, but I felt that someone was trying to blind me, so I had to make a statement. I have never forgotten and will never forget your prayers and support for me. believe me.

I will always wish my team and all my Galatasaray family success.


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