How is the latest situation of Bruno Peres in Trabzonspor? When will he return to the field?

Creation Date: August 30, 2022 13:23

Brazilian Bruno Peres, who was treated after his Achilles tendon rupture in Trabzonspor, came to Trabzon to undergo a health check.


He was injured in the Adana Demirspor match played in the 34th week of the last season in the Super League and had surgery due to his Achilles tendon rupture. Bruno PeresHe made progress in the recovery process, which took 4 months. The actress, who started walking by getting rid of her crutches a month ago, came to the city with her girlfriend to continue her treatment in her country, Brazil, in Trabzon.


The experienced right-back who came to Trabzon via Istanbul will undergo a comprehensive health screening. Acting cautiously in case of recurrence of Achilles tendon rupture, which is a risky injury, the burgundy blue club will evaluate the result of Peres’ controls and present it to the technical committee. In addition to Peres’ health status, a final decision will be made whether the player will take part in the team in the new season after the team’s needs and staff situation are evaluated.



The contract of the football player, who has been away from the team for 130 days after his injury, expires in June 2024. Trabzonspor, will make a final decision on Peres’ situation before the transfer and registration season, which will end on September 8th. After the injury of Bruno Peres, right-back Jens Stryger Larsen was transferred in the new season.


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