Housing application of 1.6 million people who trust their country

1.6 million people applied for the biggest social housing project in the history of the Republic in two days. There are long queues in front of banks that accept applications. While politics has collapsed all over Europe and huge economic crises are expected, the President Erdogan’Perhaps the biggest housing project in history is being signed by the order of the.
Alright Erdogan’What does it tell us that 1.6 million people line up to buy a house in two days? Don’t these people know that there is an election on June 24? Why are these people of all political views risking their 80 thousand liras? “O Erdogan if he doesn’t win and my residences if not done” Don’t they have any fears?
There is only one explanation for this: Sworn Erdogan the most fanatical of your enemies Erdogan this society, secretly or openly, to Turkey and Erdogan’a trust? Moreover, the 2023 elections Erdogan’they believe they will win
As for the table of 6… There is a silence among them about this historical housing project. If even the most fierce opposition spokespersons could not find anything to say about this housing project, it means that it took leaven. Turkey will experience an election environment that it is accustomed to as well as entering its most vital election. There will be projects on one side, and those trying to prevent it on the other. Haven’t we experienced this over and over?

While this is happening inside, the President Erdogan He went to Uzbekistan with a large delegation. Today Putin’He has a bilateral meeting with Meanwhile, Iran became a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In order for Turkey to experience this process, it must first be positioned as an observer. However, Turkey’s decision on this issue is not clear. But we know that Turkey is neither in the East nor in the West. Turkey is in Turkey and will continue to maintain this position.

Interesting developments are taking place in Armenia. Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan’in his speech in parliament “with Azerbaijan wants to sign a peace treaty” His statement led to street protests. The military losses of the two countries are growing in the conflict that started as a result of the provocations of Armenia. Putin, He refused Armenia’s request for support and assistance to Russia in the Ukraine War.

In domestic politics, it produces empty words against the projects. Kemal Kilicdaroglu skipped class. The speech of the CHP leader saying that the Sakarya Pitched Battle was in the province of Sakarya became a subject of humor. As it is known, the place where the Battle of Sakarya took place was around Ankara Polatlı and it was called the Battle of Sakarya because of the Sakarya River. “Kılıçdaroğlu’s blunder” There have been news like this, but I think this is not a gaffe, it is a very clear ignorance. Ataturk’I think the ignorance of this person, who occupied the seat of fame, about the National Struggle is unforgivable. But we must give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, “presidential candidate” Kemal Kilicdaroglu He managed to put himself on the agenda again.


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