Shock case in the Bugay family: Son, get away from me


He is the screenwriter of many masterpieces such as ‘Hababam Class’, ‘King of Doormen’, ‘King of Garbage’, ‘Poor’ and ‘Postman’ and the phenomenon series of the screens.Our peopleUmur Bugay, who undertook the producer and scriptwriter of the movie, died in 2019 by drowning in the sea he entered in Kınalıada. After the death of Umur Bugay, his wife Ayşe Bugayson Omer Bugay He started to live in a duplex house in Etiler with him. According to Ayşe Bugay’s claim, her 49-year-old son Ömer Bugay suffered from ‘bipolar disorder’ and was using psychiatric drugs. All members of the family made great efforts for the hospitalization and treatment of Ömer Bugay from time to time. However, Ömer Bugay verbally and physically against his family. violence started to implement. Allegedly, Ömer Bugay dragged his 75-year-old mother, Ayşe Bugay, on the ground and injured her head by hitting the entrance door several times. Stitches were placed on the head of the old woman who was taken to the hospital. Ayşe Bugay has never complained about her son so that his wife Umur Bugay’s name and reputation will not be shaken.



In the petition, “Ömer Bugay married a woman named Fidan last year without informing his family members. Ömer Bugay, who became even more aggressive after his marriage, displayed a hostile attitude towards his mother Ayşe Bugay due to his illness, and severe insults and threats increased. Omer Bugay, who made imaginary claims, said that he was not entitled to his father’s inheritance and caused conflicts in the family. Having accused his mother of fraud, Ömer Bugay used physical violence by pinching his nose with his fingers, leaving him breathless. Ayşe Bugay, who was defenseless in the face of her son’s attacks, settled in the summer house left by her late husband.


In the petition, where it is explained that Ömer Bugay also collected paintings and art sculptures with very high material and spiritual value in the house, it was stated that “My client is exposed to the violence of his own son and his bride, who acts in cooperation with him, and cannot go to his own house. That’s why we want the necessary measures to be taken.” justified the claim courtdecided that Ömer Bugay and his wife Fidan Bugay should not approach the victim Ayşe Bugay.


Omer Bugay, who objected to the suspension decision given against him, denied his mother’s allegations. However, the court rejected Ömer Bugay’s objection on the grounds that the decision was appropriate.