Hadise, who filed for divorce, regrets a thousand times! That detail surprised “You acted so fast”

Hadise, who married businessperson Mehmet Dinçerler and decided to divorce in a short time, did not fall from the agenda of the magazine for a long time. While many allegations of divorce are being made, Hadise is among the rumors that she divorced on the grounds that she restricted her freedom. While all this was happening, another surprising claim was made from the backstage. Look, what is Hadise’s biggest regret?

Hadise, who married Mehmet Dinçerler 4 months ago, surprised everyone by marrying secretly. Hadise, who filed for divorce after the crisis in her happy marriage, made a divorce statement by unfollowing her ex-wife from her social media account. His wife, Mehmet Dinçerler, on the other hand, closed all his social media accounts and moved away from the allegations about him. After the divorce case, another claim was made about Hadise.


Hadise, who burst into tears while singing the song ‘Little road’ in one of her concerts, gave the signal of the crisis in her marriage. His wife, Mehmet Dinçerler, retaliated by removing the marriage face on his finger.


Since the two could not get along, Hadise filed for divorce. Numerous allegations have been made about the duo, who are said to have had an argument because of the jewelry worn at the wedding.



The biggest regret of Hadise, who was preparing to divorce Mehmet Dinçerler, started to be talked about backstage.


Journalist Arif Hür said, “It is claimed that Hadise’s biggest regret, who first broke up with Kaan Yıldırım and is now preparing to divorce Mehmet Dinçerler, is to share photos with her lover and wife on social media. After all, those photos will be on social media forever. Hadise will be sharing photos in her next relationship. “No one will be surprised if he is not found,” he said.

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