Get rid of it immediately before 9 TL

Dollar ones beware! Big warning came, it will drop to 9 TL on this date. This is the last chance to sell while the dollar is high!

While the dollar-TL rate continues to fluctuate day by day, warnings are coming from the backstage to the citizens. Finally, on December 18, 2021, the dollar, which saw over 18 liras, was stuck with the intervention that followed. The new economy steps taken by the government and the exchange-protected deposit arrangement helped to extinguish the fever of the dollar exchange rate. The dollar regressed to 12-13 liras at that time, but continued to rise immediately afterwards. Recently, there have been new allegations about the dollar in the backstage. Şeref Oğuz from Dünya newspaper carried those allegations in today’s column. So, will the dollar fall to 9 liras?

Dollar ones beware! Doomsday has come, the dollar will fall in half: get it out of your hand before 9 TL.

There are frequent comments from experts on the dollar rate. There are even rumors that sometimes it can go up to 70 pounds. A rise in the dollar to 70 lira also means recession. As you know, on December 18, 2021, the dollar broke a record and opened the 18 lira band. Immediately after, with the intervention of the government, it regressed to the level of 12 13 liras. The dollar rate is currently above 18 liras. Well, will there be a new intervention from the government for the dollar rate? Dünya newspaper’s writer Şeref Oğuz recently wrote a column about the 9 TL claims about the dollar exchange rate. So, will the dollar fall to 9 liras?


Dünya Newspaper writer Şeref Oğuz shared the recent rumors about the dollar in his column. Oğuz, who said that a psychologist was walking around the backstage, said that the markets were stuck and they were trying to be guided by gossip. Oğuz, who said that after the 90s, the Central banks made forward-looking directions and strengthened the communication with the market, expressed that policy changes were no longer made without telling beforehand. Stating that this is how it is progressing all over the world, Oğuz stated that the rumors that the dollar will be 9 TL may be justified in this context.

NUMBERS ARE PROnunciated lest they jump UP

Expressing that the Central Bank of Turkey is not actually at the helm of money, Oğuz claimed that for this reason, he could not provide physical guidance. Stating that the Central Bank did not give a signal to raise the interest even to reduce inflation, Oğuz said that on the contrary, he had cut interest rates. In other words, stating that the economy is not under the management of the Central Bank, Oğuz said that it is possible to say that the rumors that the dollar will be 9 liras are just a coincidence for Turkey.

Dünya newspaper writer Oğuz used the following expressions in the continuation of his column; “The numbers in the range of 9-12 TL are pronounced so that the exchange rate does not jump up. The rumors that there will be a decrease like in December with a new money inflow, are at the level of failure and rumors are common. Well, could it be? Can this be experienced without removing the upward dynamics of the exchange rate? When inflation is 80 percent, won’t every movement in the dollar exchange rate return as a new inflation item?