GALATASARAY NEWS | Yusuf Demir’s ‘national’ polemic: “Pandemic victim”

“Joseph Pandemic Victim”

evening newspaper carried Yusuf Demir’s National Team process to its headline;

one) Şenol Güneş, the National Team Coach of the period, decided to go to Austria to watch Yusuf live and meet with his family. But the pandemic broke out, travel restrictions came. There was no meeting.

2) Afterwards, a meeting was held with Yusuf’s family in Samsun. This meeting was in a positive atmosphere. His family wanted him to play for Turkey. However, the youth team officials kept a distance from Yusuf on the grounds that “There are many men in that position”. During this period, the Austrian authorities stepped in. The player was invited to the Austrian National Team.

3) Then Şenol Güneş left, Kuntz and Hamit Altıntop took over the business. But at that time, Austria was vigilant and played Yusuf Demir for 2 minutes in the Austria-Faroe Islands match played on October 9, 2021. This was Yusuf’s fourth game and according to the rules, the player who wore a national team’s jersey 4 times forfeited the right to change teams.

4) It is now impossible for Yusuf, who does not have a Turkish passport, to wear Turkey’s national jersey. However, there is a chance to become a Turkish citizen. Since his family is Turkish, the citizenship process is easier and faster.

– What did Şenol Güneş say?

Şenol Güneş, on this subject TV 100spoke to. Sun, “He was 16-17 years old at that time, he was already playing in the Austrian Ümit National Team. He chose the Austrian National Team. I went there and bought Mert Müldür at that time. Why not take Yusuf, but he made his choice. Austria, together with Ercan Kara took Joseph” said.

– What did Okan Buruk say?

Okan Buruk said that Yusuf Demir, who plays in foreign status, should play in Turkish status because he preferred the Austrian National Team.

“Yusuf Demir is a very talented and quality football player.” Buruk said about the 19-year-old attacker, “I wish we could play Yusuf as a Turk. He is a child of a Turkish family, who is completely Turkish. It is not clear how he chose the national team. We did not choose him, or he did not choose us. “It’s not clear. A football player who is Turkish in everything needs to play in Turkish status in Turkey. Maybe that may change next year or in the near future. It seems strange to us that especially those who have Turkish passports and are from us play in foreign status.” used the phrases.

– Mesut Özil example from Emre Belözoğlu

Medipol Başakşehir Technical Director Emre Belözoğlu, at the press conference held after the Beşiiktaş match “Yusuf Demir came to Galatasaray in foreign status, you have Mesut in your hands. Despite both choosing the foreign national team, Mesut plays as Turkish. There are rules that have changed in 2015. Do you think this is unfair?‘ To which he replied:

“Because Yusuf Demir came after the rule was changed, it is a rule-bound situation. There is no value in my evaluation. However, if a player says he is Turkish, he should play as Turkish. This is my personal opinion. Mesut, likewise, because this rule came before a certain year, Mesut “He plays in the Turkish status. Mesut also has a special situation with Germany. He is a player who has taken it against himself. He is a player who has embraced Turkey more. In particular, I think Galatasaray transferred a very important player.”

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