From pilot to passengers: I’ll be back if you keep sending nudes

A pilot of US airline Southwest Airlines told passengers that he would take the plane back to the gate if they did not stop sending nude photos via the iPhone’s AirDrop feature.

Photo: Reuters

The pilot, who started to move on the runway to take off from Houston, USA, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, warned the passengers by making an announcement when nude photos came back to back: “Let’s make a deal. If these photos keep coming, I’ll take the plane back to the gate while it’s not ready to take off. I’ll put everyone down, call the security forces and ruin everyone’s trip. Or the photos don’t come and the plane takes off. So guys, if you want to go to Cabo, put aside this AirDrop whatever it is, don’t send nude photos.

The moments when the announcement was made on the plane were recorded by a passenger and shared on TikTok. It has been viewed 2.2 million times. While some users criticize the pilot for taking the issue too seriously, others argue that he did a serious job and that he was right to react, “Stop doing such nonsense on flights” used the phrases.

Not sharing information about the return of the plane was interpreted as the problem was resolved and it flew to Mexico.

In the airline’s statement, “The safety and well-being of our passengers is always our priority. When a problem occurs, our employees do their best to find solutions to those problems.” he said.

During a flight of the same airline in June, a male passenger sent ‘sexy photos’ to other passengers via AirDrop. When the plane landed, the police met him.

iPhone users, thanks to AirDrop, Apple’s ‘to other devices nearby’ can send digital documents.

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