French President Macron urges UNSC reform

Macron calls for UNSC reform

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for reforms for greater representation in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Macron delivered a speech at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

Macron, who called for the UNSC to accept new members and to initiate a reform to make its representation capacity more comprehensive, demanded that the UNSC limit its veto right when it comes to mass murders.

Macron mentioned that the UN and nations have to choose between war or peace.

“Last February 24, UNSC permanent member Russia disrupted our collective security with an act of aggression, occupation and annexation,” Macron said, adding that Russia violated the UN convention and the principle of sovereign equality of states.

Macron pointed out that Russia has thus decided to pave the way for annexation wars in other parts of the world.


Saying that the longer the war in Ukraine continues, the more dangerous it becomes for the peace of Europe and the world, Macron said, “What we have been facing since February 24 is a return to the era of imperialism and colonialism.” said.

macron, FranceUnderlining that Turkey does not accept this and will continue to seek peace, he stated that for this reason, he stands behind the dialogue with Russia.

Pointing out that an agreement that respects international law will restore peace, Emmanuel Macron said, “A negotiation will only be possible if Ukraine sovereignly wishes it and Russia accepts it in good faith.” he said.

Using the phrase, “Russia needs to understand that it will not impose a will through military means, even by adding cynicism and fake referendums in bombed and now occupied territories,” Macron called on UN members to take action to help Russia stop the war.

“I also know that some of the countries represented here have remained somewhat neutral about this war,” Macron said. He said that those who remain silent today serve the purpose of a new imperialism.

Referring to the risk of a new division in the world, Macron emphasized that he rejects this division. Macron mentioned that the partition attempt has increased the tension between the USA and China.

Addressing issues such as the climate, food crisis, terrorism and nuclear in his speech, Macron touched upon the Ukrainian grain exported from Europe “through solidarity” by land and from the Black Sea with the agreement signed in Istanbul on July 22.

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