Former British Prime Minister Johnson talks about his last meeting with the Queen

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson talked about his last meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96, two days before his death.

Johnson on Tuesday last week EnglandPrior to her appointment, the new prime minister of ‘Liz Truss had gone to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to present her resignation to the Queen.

Johnson told the BBC he was impressed by the Queen’s “sense of duty”, saying he thought the British monarchy would survive thanks to the Queen.

Describing the last meeting in which he presented his resignation, Johnson said: “It was surprising that he was so bright and focused, given how ill he was. It was quite an emotional moment.” said.

Like every prime minister, Johnson met with the Queen weekly to keep him informed on issues of national importance. Weren’t you too busy to attend meetings with the Queen? Answering the question, Johnson replied, “No, you must be joking. Meeting him was more than a wonderful respite and peace of mind.” used the phrases. On the other hand, the meetings of the Prime Minister and the Queen during the pandemic were held online.

When Johnson was asked how he had reacted to the Queen’s death, he said, “It’s a bit of an inexplicable extreme feeling. It was a huge thing for me, purely personally speaking.”

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