Foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia met in New York


United Nations (UN) in New York to attend the 77th session of the General Assembly. Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov and Armenia Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan met at the trilateral meeting with the initiative of the USA.

Thanking the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia for their participation in the trilateral meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed his condolences to the relatives and families of those who lost their lives in the last conflict.

At the meeting, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov drew attention to Azerbaijan’s stance on ensuring peace in the region in the post-war period and the steps to be taken in this direction. He stressed that the ceasefire achieved in Turkey was violated by Armenia, causing additional casualties.


Minister Bayramov reminded that despite the deep consequences of the occupation of Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territories in 30 years, Armenia offered to sign a peace agreement right after the 44-day Homeland War and took initiatives in this direction. He said that despite Azerbaijan’s efforts to normalize with Armenia, open transport links, define and draw borders, as well as humanitarian aspects, Armenia hinders the processes and violates its obligations within the framework of the tripartite declarations.

Bayramov stressed the importance of urgent talks between the leaders for the establishment of lasting peace in accordance with the tripartite statements and the results of the Brussels meeting.

The tension on the Azerbaijan-Armenian border started when the conflict broke out as a result of the large-scale provocation of the Armenian forces in the Dashkesan, Kelbajar, Lachin and Zangilan regions of Azerbaijan on the night of September 12.

As a result of diplomatic contacts, it was reported that Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed on a ceasefire.

Azerbaijan announced that 79 soldiers were killed and 282 soldiers were wounded. Armenia, on the other hand, announced the number of Armenian soldiers who lost their lives as 207.


32 of the corpses of approximately 100 Armenian soldiers who lost their lives in the conflicts were returned to Armenia by Azerbaijan after their examinations were completed.


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