Onur Bulut, who was called to the National Team for the first time: I didn’t believe it until I came here

A National Football Team, UEFA Nations C League Group 1 will be at Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium on Thursday, September 22. Luxembourgwill host.

Kayserisporlu, who was invited to the national team for the first time among the crescent-stars, at the Riva Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities. Honour Cloudy made statements to the press.

Expressing that his teammates welcomed him very well, Onur Bulut said, “The weather was really good here, they welcomed me very well. I was already one of the first to arrive. I welcomed most of them. However, the reactions were very nice. I am very happy and proud. I hope we continue like this.” he said.

Asked what he thought when he was first invited to the national team, the 28-year-old right-back said, “I really couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even believe it until I came here. However, being here, seeing my friends and coaching, and going out to practice in this field made me believe. As I said, I am very happy.”

Reminding that the national team can play in different formations, Onur Bulut said, “Of course, the game systems can change from match to match. The system changes against each opponent. I am open to this. I played here in Germany as well. We played here last year. We tried to play with different coaches in the previous years, too. “As I said, there may be changes from match to match. Our teacher decides this here,” he said.

Reminding that the national team won all their matches in the group, Onur Bulut said, “We are the leader of the group. We made 4 out of 4. We scored 14 goals and we did not concede. We want to win the next two games. We want to finish the league without conceding a goal and get promoted to the B League. I hope from there.” We will also go to the A League” said.

Clever Steel Upon a question that they will enter the jersey competition with Onur Bulut, he concluded his words as follows:

“I give my 100 percent in every training and every game. I will do my best. After that, the coach’s decision”

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