Florida governor sends immigrants to northern state by plane

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who complained about immigrants in the USA, had two planeloads of immigrants leave in northern Massachusetts.

Florida governor sends immigrants to northern state by plane

Illegal immigration, which has affected the whole world, is one of the biggest problems in the USA recently.

Especially the states on the southern border of the country are crushed under the wave of immigration from South American countries.

An interesting incident occurred as southern states across the country complained that they only felt the migrant burden on their shoulders.

Migrants brought by plane from south to north

According to the news of AA, it was reported that 2 small planeloads of irregular immigrants from the state of Texas in the south of the USA to the state of Massachusetts in the northeast were deceived with the promise of helping them find a job.

Florida Governor funded

In a statement made by Massachusetts State Senator Julian Cyr, it was stated that about 50 irregular migrants, mostly from Venezuela, including children, were brought to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, known as the resort city, by air.

While state officials claimed that the planes departing from Texas were financed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, they shared the information that irregular immigrants who came to the island were placed in shelters, meeting all their needs.

Florida governor sends immigrants to northern state by plane #1

“We must share the migrant burden”

Florida Governor Desantis said in a press release, “We are not a state of refuge and will gladly facilitate the relocation of illegal immigrants to refuge jurisdictions.” He underlined that every state of the USA should share the burden of irregular immigrants.

Immigrants were left in front of Kamala Harris’ residence

Amid the escalating political debate about irregular immigrants, two busloads of irregular immigrants from Texas were dropped off just outside the residence of US Vice President Kamala Harris in the capital, Washington.

Fox News’ video showed two buses reportedly carrying between 75 and 100 people approaching the vice president’s residence, and irregular migrants, mostly from Venezuela, were later transported to the nearby church by an NGO.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott later shared on Twitter. “Harris claims our border is ‘safe’ and denies the crisis. We are sending migrants into his backyard, urging the Biden administration to do its job and guard the border.” used the phrases.

Illegal immigrants entering the USA are registered by the border police and taken to shelters by buses. Irregular immigrants whose procedures are completed are free to go anywhere they want in the USA until the court date notified to them.

Florida governor sends immigrants to northern state by plane #2

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