Europe asks President Erdogan for help: Please tell Putin

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci, stated that some European leaders asked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for help with Russia’s gas supply, and said, “The leaders of the Balkan countries said, ‘Please tell Putin. Your relations with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev are good. They said that they should not make any cuts in the fuel we bought or the gas they gave on the winter day,” he said.

Russia, which was sanctioned by the West for its attacks on Ukraine, gave the answer by cutting off natural gas and cutting off oil shipments. Russian gas giant Gazprom also announced that the Nord Stream gas pipeline will not reopen to Europe as planned.

After this step of Russia, European countries sought to supply gas from different countries and made absurd suggestions to citizens such as “not taking a shower” and “winter vacation”.


Putin, on the other hand, challenged the West once again at the event held in Vladivostok, saying, “We will not provide gas, oil, coal, heating oil. We will not provide anything. The West will be frozen.”


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci participated in the “101st Anniversary of the Sakarya Victory Celebration Program” held in the Sakarya Pitched Battle Historical National Park, where Duatepe is located in Ankara’s Polatlı district.

Stating that the Balkan leaders asked Putin to open their gas, Kirişci said, “We were first in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then in Serbia and then in Croatia. The sentence they expressed at the level of our interlocutors, both as presidents, prime ministers and our ministers, was: ‘What happens? You will be at the Shanghai Summit next week. Please tell Putin there. Your relations with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev are good, please ask them not to make any cuts in the fuel we bought or the gas they gave us on the upcoming winter day.” to the leader of this country. Think about it, the words that he wouldn’t say if this person froze, if he knew he would freeze, has conveyed to our ears at the level of the leaders of these countries.” he said.

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