Those who have experienced the energy crisis in Europe talk about the fear of “Will we freeze?”

After the Russia-Ukraine war, the US, the West’s sanctions against Russia and Russia’s responses led to an energy crisis in Europe. As the crisis deepens, governments are trying to find solutions to high bills with various measures they have taken. What is going on in Europe, which mostly meets its electricity and heating needs from natural gas? Are the measures taken by the governments sufficient? What individual measures are the people taking? People living in Europe told The news of Burçak Orçun…


Ozan Ömer Küçük, piano teacher living in England, stated that there was an increase of up to two times in energy bills compared to last year and said, “There will be an increase in the ceiling price application from October and the bills will increase even more”. Stating that the energy crisis and generally increasing prices affect people with low income the most, Küçük said, “People who connect to radio programs say, ‘Will we freeze? I don’t know how to warm my children. I will try to get my blanket and warm up.

Expressing that Europe was caught unprepared for this situation in general, Ozan Ömer Küçük said, “There is a panic because there is a lot of dependence on Russia on energy. The nuclear power plant, which was closed before, will be reopened. As soon as Liz Truss is elected prime minister, she will continue to work on a previously banned natural gas exploration method. “He lifted the ban. He announced that they would start natural gas exploration with this method on the territory of the United Kingdom,” he said. Pointing out that the British government’s support for the public is important, Küçük said, “But we do not know what will happen next winter, we are going through a very difficult process.”


Selda Hava Öz, who runs a restaurant in Germany, pointed out that the process had both material and moral effects. Stating that for the first time in years, there has been such fear, uncertainty and cost in Europe, Öz said, “Everything has increased tremendously in the last year. People are nervous. We are witnessing an increase in violence and domestic unrest.” Selda Hava Öz, who said that the warnings of the managers such as ‘Take your precautions’ and ‘Be procured’ increased the fear among the public, “We are ahead of winter. questions are being asked,” he said.


Expressing that middle-income families are starting to manage very difficult now, Öz said, “The housewives started to work. People can’t do anything but try to allocate some budget for the bills that will come at the end of the year.” Stating that the measures taken by the government were not enough, Öz said, “The region I am in is touristy, crowded and it is not possible to be unemployed. However, three or four venues are currently on sale and are about to close.” On the other hand, Selda Hava Öz stated that the Ukrainian and Russian citizens who immigrated to Europe after the war drew a reaction in the country and said that the events were also reflected in the public peace.