Emre Kongar: Social democracy warnings to CHP

Yesterday I published the introductory part of Ercan Karakaş’s letter on Social Democracy.

Black eyebrows, He continued his article by summarizing the studies and discussions among the Social Democrats on this issue in Europe.

He then summarized the results of these studies.

It is brought to the attention of the CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu and his staff, who are preparing for power!


“The beginning of the crisis that the social democratic parties are in today is the ‘3. It emerged with the implementation of the ‘Road’ policies in many countries.

The former leader of the Dutch Labor Party WouterBos, In a speech he gave on January 25, 2010 in Amsterdam; ‘3. Road progressives went to bed in conditions of the existence of a reasonably regulated free market; When they awoke, they encountered a beast unchained. He boldly revealed the wrong done by saying…

Empty; ‘Neoliberals have long tried to make us believe that globalization is an inevitable and unknown process’ He deepened the self-criticism by saying…

In the end, as the free marketers planned, ‘A growing Anglo-Saxon economic system, a shrinking public sector and increasingly liberal markets’ He emphasized…

It is possible to summarize the views agreed upon in these studies as follows:

Left-social democracy did not end with the disintegration of the USSR, as neoliberals claim.

On the contrary, the need for leftist policies has increased even more.

Because the existing inequalities are increasing in the process called market globalization. Since social democracy is a constant search for equality in freedom, its values ​​and goals are also valid today.

As a matter of fact, all the researches made on social democracy; It shows that the basic values ​​and goals such as freedom, equality, solidarity, democracy, social state, peace, protection of labor, equality between men and women and protection of the natural environment are adopted by societies.

Therefore, social democracy should preserve its understanding of politics based on these basic principles and objectives, and renew its programs and strategies under the guidance of its basic principles.

Social democratic proposals:

In this framework, left parties must stand firm against the ‘let them do’ mentality of the market; should not allow society to be transformed into a market society.

These parties;

It should never leave human values ​​to the blind drive of the market; they should not give up their education, health, social security and cultural services. They must fight against the commodification of these services.

They should ensure that children, the elderly and the disabled are supported by the public.

They should take it as their duty to ensure the equality of men and women included in their programs in all areas, especially in the party.

They should advocate the democratic control and regulation of neoliberal globalization. They should develop new policies for the equitable distribution of the resulting wealth.

They should stand against the direction of international companies in world politics. They must defend the decisiveness of democratic politics and national governments.

They must actively oppose human rights violations everywhere and fight to strengthen the rule of law.

They must fight for the deepening of democracy and its participatory nature. They should support societies trying to transition to democracy.

They should consider it their duty to protect the environment, which is the natural basis of life, and to prevent technological economic phenomena that destroy it.

It must fight racism and xenophobia; They should accept the coexistence of different cultures as wealth.

They should uphold the principle of good work for all and devote more resources to eradicating hunger and poverty.

They should develop and maintain the protective social state.

They should oppose imperialist policies that want to create a unipolar world, and defend a just and peaceful world of equals.

• In this context; UN, World Bank, IMF etc. they must struggle to bring international organizations to a democratic structure.

They should encourage regional cooperation with democratic functioning. that the EU is a citizens’ Europe; they should lead the way in acquiring a democratic and multicultural functioning.

They should lead disarmament efforts. They should take a stand against guardianship wars. They should stand for peace and international solidarity.

They should pay special attention to the democratization of politics and its opening to the participation of the citizens; They should also be based on democracy and participation within the party. They should lead the equal participation of women.

They should develop cooperation and cooperation between social democratic parties. They should create mechanisms that will contribute to the solution of universal problems together. In this framework, they should restructure the Socialist International to be more effective.”


Karakaş concludes his article by stating that these universal recommendations should be enriched and implemented according to Turkey’s special conditions.

I think it is necessary for Turkey to add the emphasis on “Judicial Independence” and “Secularism” to these suggestions above.

In summary, I think the goal of Social Democracy in Turkey should be a “Democratic, Secular and Social State of Law”!

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