Don’t be evil, Macron, work, you will too

Elysee Palace’at to the French ambassadors In his speech, he said, “Who wants Turkey to be the only power in the world that continues to negotiate with Russia?” who says French President Emmanuel Macron At the same time, he made a correct and clear determination for the first time in a long time with these words of confession. Because he couldn’t bear it from the very beginning, but instead of saying it outright, he always squirms, even Turkey’tempted to appear to appreciate the good sneaky stalls he was after…

The reason is known. macron,on February 24 Russia Ukraineto prevent war before invading Kyiv and Moscow He conducted shuttle diplomacy between them. But their efforts were inconclusive and even ended in a fiasco. Putin’on the 5 meter table macron meeting with him on social media and French in the press mockery it happened. “Giant table” Fun videos and comments were shared with the definition of

a user macronu with megaphone made him talk, and another put the table in a gigantic seesaw transformed. Or “are they talking to each other on WhatsApp” expressions were used. In fact, there were some who said that “he would have felt closer if he hadn’t bothered to go away and had teleconferenced from a distance”. after that Macron’Fame Putin The telephone diplomacy experiment with On the contrary Putin’It was reflected in the media that he frequently raised his voice in these meetings and there were heated discussions. The talks were cut off after that. Kremlin Spokesperson Peskov “France is an unfriendly country, there is no need to meet between Putin and Macron,” he said in a statement on a question just last month. Therefore Turkey’of the East Mediterranean’in, Syria’who cannot digest his rightful and determined stance in the Turkey’Standing on the side of any country, association, society, organization or group against or against them, NATO’and pretending to be an ally and shamelessly Greece openly hostile by arm in arm with Macron’flour chemistry Putin he’s completely broken when he hits his wall… He’s always making nonsense, making unbalanced exits. For example, last week Algeria’during his visit to e, where he faced massive protests macron In a statement to reporters, Russia and Chinese’as well as Turkey originating networks Africa‘in France As he carried out enmity and anti-propaganda, he made untruthful words. Of course, he immediately received the answer from Turkey, “We hope that France will reach the maturity to face its colonial past as soon as possible without blaming other countries, including our country.”

In short, on behalf of Turkey’eagerness to steal a role from or to see a rival or Turkey’No matter what you say to be jealous of the determined and upright stance of macron on the one hand, by making correct determinations Russia While advocating dialogue with Turkey, Chinese and RussiaHe has the audacity to accuse the world of implicitly spreading inaccurate information and news. In a more accurate way, he and his country are familiar. two-faced policy is implementing. In such a case Russia It is clear that his coveted “we should talk like Turkey” zeal for dialogue with Turkey will remain in his crotch. Because yes, the interests of the country are at the forefront in international relations, but stand behind your promises is even more critical. In this sense, when we look at history and today, Turkey’The difference is clear. He either doesn’t make any promises, or if he does, he stands behind it. France’of all over the world inconsistencies, ambivalent policies full dirty track record it is known. Whether he says he will do it or not or says we are friends and takes a hostile attitude is just Turkey’not against Russia There are countless examples, including in history colonial and genocide Nobody knows the black spots. He is treated at a distance and protested wherever he goes. well Dear macron, Turkey as, Turkish nation If you want to be like you, you must first stand by your promise. Your grades in the sincerity, honesty and honesty exam will always be good. Otherwise, you make more requests like this, you think. Frankly Turkey stand up like and a reliable country If you want to be more 40 ovens of bread you have to eat…


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