Discount move against the inflation monster

Due to the crisis that started with the pandemic and grew with the Russia-Ukraine War, there is an inflation fire and supply crisis all over the world. Countries are breaking inflation records in turn. President in the framework of the fight against inflation Erdogan’An important step was taken in line with the instructions given by Agricultural Credit Cooperative’Cheap products will be sold in the affiliated markets from now on.
In these markets, 40 basic necessities, from pasta to sunflower oil, from meat products to diapers, are discounted. Citizens will be able to shop cheaply in more than 1400 Agricultural Credit Cooperative markets on 15 August. It was clear that cheapness could not be achieved with the police measures taken against the markets. The current method is correct. In this way, both the free market will not be disrupted and the prices will be balanced by the state. We will immediately feel its effects.
Managers of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives have a great responsibility here. The eyes of the media will be on the labels of these markets. Prices “really cheap must be” and “In time this price policy should not be relaxed”. If the labels are cheaper than the chain stores, a very permanent step can be taken in the fight against inflation. Other markets also have to change their exorbitant price tags.

Drought nightmare in Europe
Climate change that surrounds the whole world causes the driest days of history in England, France, Portugal and Italy. Irrigation of gardens is banned in England. Fires in Portugal and France cannot be intervened due to drought. Europe is now facing a drought crisis before it can develop policies to manage the energy crisis.
Thankfully, our country does not have an urgent drought problem this year. According to our meteorology reports, heavy rain was expected on the Anatolian side of Istanbul the previous night. Taking lessons from previous scandals and wearing work clothes against the flood disaster “I’m on my job” sharing photos Ekrem Imamoglu, He was disappointed because it didn’t rain. I think it was the most surprising news of the day that İmamoğlu interrupted his vacation for the first time and remembered the problem of Istanbul.

Surprising news is also coming from Crimea. The explosion at the military airport in Crimea is still being discussed. In the photos taken, it is seen that 8 Russian planes were destroyed. According to Russia, this explosion is an internal event or an accident, but on the Ukrainian side “This much we did” says. Ukrainian President as eyewitnesses say no missile has arrived Zelensky, He also announced that he would take back Crimea.

“Accident, sabotage, missile? me, who is the perpetrator?” long discussions like time will be discussed. This type of development The military situation in Russia is too much does not change. Coming soon to Russia in the south of Ukraine launched an offensive to attack for Odessa expected to pass.


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